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At the White House Garden

After receiving a call from the Cooking Matters (formerly Operation Frontline)/Mass Coordinator about flying down to Washington, DC for the launch of Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move to School” initiative with Share Our Strength, I started to get excited.


The purpose for the launch was for each chef to adopt the White House mission to work with a school in his or her community and along with parents, teachers and  food service employees to increase food literacy among the children and community. Changing the menus to include more natural foods cooked from scratch and implementing working gardens were some of the main focuses.

I worked a full 6 day work week then after my shift on Thursday, drove to the airport to catch a flight to Baltimore (which was 4 hours delayed, time to catch some sleep and eat a $4 yogurt), and landed in the nation’s capital at about midnight.  A Portobello burger and a few glasses of wine with an old friend later, I headed to bed, anticipating what the next day would bring. Read more…


Use Your Voice: Tell the FDA What You Think About Food Labels

Way to Go FDA – I really hope you come through with some positive changes! 

Tell ‘Em What You Think Here

 The Food and Drug Administration is now having an open public forum for consumers to give their thoughts on the new front-of-package labeling on grocery products.  It would be a big step away from food marketing, which tends to lead people to unhealthy choices making either false or deceiving claims to seduce you into buying their goods.  Read more…

Illuminated Honesty: Artists I’m Loving Right Now

I found Jason Alberto Garcia through the community page of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9 – a  5 piece electronic collective of musicians from Santa Cruz CA  ), which describes his “performance paintings [as] … an essential repertoire of symbols and [a] diffused hierarchy of site specific color, [where] he has established a distinctive painting style and a unique ability to capture the moment. Read more…

Unapologetic Food Renegade

Food is the vessel of Life.
Because Life is another name for God,
Food could be called “the vessel of God.”
If you truly respect and revere the Spirit
Then shouldn’t the first thing you do
Be to build a shrine within your own body?
– Eiwan Ishida, Genmai, (Tokyo: Japan Pub. 1989)

I admit it – I am a fake food prohibitionist, a food renegade and unapologetically so.  While I understand the argument that the push for social change in the food industry is elitist, I wholeheartedly disagree.  Cooking is not just the end product, it’s truly the journey from farm to table.  The renewed focus on quality and transparency of ingredients is as much a part of the meal as the final garnish on the plate – it completes the picture. Read more…

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