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Crayon Hearts & Michael Pollan

We’ve been moving, as I mentioned in earlier posts, and it’s been difficult to keep our normal family routine. Not that we have one, exactly, but it’s been even harder trying to pretend like we do. But amid the chaos (can chaos be a routine?) I’ve found some ways to keep things interesting.

I did forget to buy groceries, however. Read more…


Cook, Listen, Read: Ital Inspired

Reading List

Here’s a selection of some of the online reads I’ve been pondering. I will definitely be adding “In Spite of Everything” to my book list.

Tunes Read more…

Tomato Fennel Soup with White Beans

I made some bite-sized croutons out of stale bread today – just mixed them with some good olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning. They are pretty tasty on their own, my daughter munches on them happily while I cook next to her. She loves to add seasonings from my palm, her favorite part of cooking right now is “sprinkling.” Love her.

The croutons are to go with:

Tomato Fennel Soup with White Beans

This is a take on the classic tomato soup, we’re just adding some extra nutrients and depth.

In a soup pan, melt about two tablespoons of ghee. Toss in about a 1/4 of an onion, diced. Mix that around, add two of the roasted garlic cloves you made on Sunday. If you don’t have any more on hand because you’ve already eaten it all (it’s been known to happen in my house), chop up one raw clove and add that. Give it a few minutes to come together, then add some sea salt, a pinch of ground pepper. I prefer to grind my own, you can use a mortar and pestle, or an old coffee grinder. Or just buy it pre-ground. Read more…

The Industry of the Future?

It’s been 10 year in the waiting…the introduction of the first genetically engineered animal for human consumption.  AquaBounty Technologies, based out of Waltham, MA, submitted an application for approval to the FDA, which is going to be kept confidential.  Lack of transparency speaks for itself, don’t you think?  Why not show it to the public instead of not allowing our input and scrutiny?  We are, afterall, the people who will be consuming this (unlabeled) product. Read more…

Juicy, Red, Sweet.

If you haven’t heard about CA’s Department of Pesticide Regulation, you soon will.  It’s going to enter your thoughts as you bite into your first, juicy sweet strawberry of the summer.  That’s because they oversee part of a multimillion dollar farming industry and are responsible for allowing “exposure levels for methyl iodide that are 120 times higher than recommended by its own scientists and an eight-person panel the department commissioned to peer-review its work.”  Read more in the article at Civil Eats.

Ok, what is methyl iodide?  It’s a chemical pesticide that is expected to replace methyl bromide (which depletes the ozone).  But methyl iodide isn’t much better – it has the potential to be extremely hazardous, especially to the farm workers


continually exposed to it.  Because we know how important it is to understand the supply chain that brings food to our table, we have to take action against this health and environmental threat. 

The good news is – there are a lot of us who oppose this pesticide and are promoting alternative organic and sustainable practices.  Join the opposition and take action here. Read more…

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