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Family Table Meets the WorldWideWeb

About the Author…

Jaimee is a magician.  Give her what looks like nothing, and she will make you something. Something that is usually delicous.  She has a restaurant + community development background and currently teaches cooking classes and works as a Marketing & Community Relations Team Leader for Whole Foods Market. She is partnered for life to a reggae artist/organic farmer  and they have an effervescent  young daughter together. In addition to cooking & eating, Jaimee enjoys free-style dancing, practicing Vinyasa yoga, creating sidewalk chalk art, singing to twangy-old time songs around a campfire and laughing with friends so hard she can’t breathe. She believes in hard work and the power of positivity and making all of her wildest dreams come true.
Family Table Community is all about great food, recipes, and other bright things. I hope you enjoy and add to it! Warmly, Jaimee

2 thoughts on “Family Table Meets the WorldWideWeb

  1. Mindy Harris on said:

    Hi Shelby,

    I work for NOFA/Mass and just saw your awesome pictures about the cheese workshop. Did you attend? Any chance I could get copies of your photos, to reprint in our monthly newsletter? I hope you had a good time. What a great blog!!
    Feel free to contact me or 310-663-0054…I live in the Boston area.

    Mindy Harris
    Public Relations Coordinator, NOFA/Mass

    • edgecityrambles on said:

      Hello Mindy,
      Thank you for your interest. I’ve emailed you about the photos taken, credited to Ms. Bette Schwartz who also attended the workshop.

      Looking forward to seeing them in the newsletter!

      ~AKA Shelby Jean

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