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Music Monday: Loving the Truth – Spotlight on Alexander

If you know me, it may be known to you that one of my favorite songs for some time now has been “Home” from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It is something you will sing your heart out to and grow to love if you don’t already.

More recently, I’ve been suprisingly drawn to lead singer Alexander Ebert’s solo song Truth, as well. It’s part dreamy, part old-school Western, and the lyrics are pretty universal. Check it out and let me know what you think. (And after you watch it and find yourself needing a bit more spring in your step, scroll down for another gem from Aloe Blacc.)

The truth is that I never shook my shadow
Every day it’s trying to trick me into doing battle
Calling out “faker” only get me rattled
Want to pull me back behind the fence with the cattle
Building your lenses
Digging your trenches
Put me on the front line
Leave me with a dumb mind
With no defenses
But your defenses
If you can’t stand to feel the pain then you are senseless

Since this
I’ve grown up some
Different kind of fighter
And when the darkness come let it inside you
Your darkness is shining
My darkness is shining
Have faith in myself

I’ve seen a million numbered doors on the horizon
Now which is the future you choosen before you gone dying.
I’ll tell you ’bout a secret I’ve been underminding
Every little lie in this world come from dividing
Say you’re my lover, say you’re my homie,
Tilt my chin back slit my throat take a bath in my blood get to know me
All out of my secrets
All my enemies are turning into my teachers.
Because, lights blinding, no way dividing what’s yours or mine when everything’s shining
You darkness is shining my darkness is shining
Have faith in ourselves
Yes I’m only loving, only trying to only love
That’s what I’m trying to do is only loving
Yes I’m only lonely loving feeling only loving
Till I’m feeling only loving
Ya say it ain’t loving ain’t loving my loving
But I’m only loving only loving only loving
Only loving the truth.
Purchase on iTunes
Directed by Tao Ruspoli
Video Written by Mark Wrathall & Tao Ruspoli Edited by Paul Forte, Alexander Ebert and Tao Ruspoli Additional camera by Mr. Ryan Gall

Aloe Blacc“You Make Me Smile”

What’s new on your playlist this week?


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