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Find Rest in Working Hands

As almost always, my taste goes in the direction of health and tastiness. More and more, I hunger for convenience as well. That’s why I make Sunday my day of rest. By day of rest, I mean cranking up my oven to 450, boiling water, cleaning and prepping vegetables, making stock, roasting garlic, grinding spices, etc. It’s how I get ready for a busy week ahead, and I find rest in working hands.

photograph by Margaret Bourke White, 1939

 Shop for lots of veggies, beans, and grains. Commit yourself to a day of preparing them for the week and they won’t go to waste. When you get your bounty home from the store-farmers market-garden, lay it all out on your kitchen table. Turn up your oven (and your radio) and fill the largest pot you own with water, put it on the stove. Salt it, bring it to a boil. Clean and trim your veggies, save the scraps in a bowl to make a vegetable stock later. Boil, steam, roast what you’ve got. Season everything.
One of my favorite things to do in my mini-dutch-oven is peel 10 bulbs of garlic, douse them in good olive oil with a pinch of salt and bake until it turns into a golden, creamy butter. We use this all week-long on sandwiches, omelets, pasta, everything.
Because of all this prep, I’m set up for convenient, healthy eating all week. And you will be, too!
First Meal – Lunch: Thick slice of hearth bread, smeared with that roasted garlic then topped with cooked collard greens, vinegar red onions, shredded parm and cracked black pepper. So simple and so good.
What is your favorite vegetable to cook? 

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