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The Industry of the Future?

It’s been 10 year in the waiting…the introduction of the first genetically engineered animal for human consumption.  AquaBounty Technologies, based out of Waltham, MA, submitted an application for approval to the FDA, which is going to be kept confidential.  Lack of transparency speaks for itself, don’t you think?  Why not show it to the public instead of not allowing our input and scrutiny?  We are, afterall, the people who will be consuming this (unlabeled) product.

AquaBounty calls themselves part of “The Blue Revolution,” which creates an “aquaculture industry capable of large-scale, efficient, and environmentally sustainable production of high quality seafood.” Since when does large-scale = sustainability and high quality?  Industrialized Agriculture, including livestock and crops, use excessive amounts of fossil fuels, water, pesticides, and other chemicals and often have ” large, complex effects on our environment, our economy, and our urban and rural social fabric.”  Please take the time to read this article from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The New York Times quotes one government official saying, “It’s going to be  a P.R. issue.”  I think it’s a little bigger than that; just more manipulation   companies telling us what is good for us and the

Wild Chinook Salmon

 environment.  This is their solution to higher demand with less supply.  How about we stop overfishing salmon for a while?  According to Food and Water Watch, “Americans eat 25 percent more seafood than they did 20 years ago, an average of 16 pounds a year.” 

Food and Water Watch is a non-profit organization that fights for fair fishing practices and legislation.  Read more about Fair Fish on their website. 

All in all, they want us to see only the benefits of cheap, convenient foods available at supermarkets across the country.  Hidden are the social and environmental costs. 

What does this mean to you?


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