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Juicy, Red, Sweet.

If you haven’t heard about CA’s Department of Pesticide Regulation, you soon will.  It’s going to enter your thoughts as you bite into your first, juicy sweet strawberry of the summer.  That’s because they oversee part of a multimillion dollar farming industry and are responsible for allowing “exposure levels for methyl iodide that are 120 times higher than recommended by its own scientists and an eight-person panel the department commissioned to peer-review its work.”  Read more in the article at Civil Eats.

Ok, what is methyl iodide?  It’s a chemical pesticide that is expected to replace methyl bromide (which depletes the ozone).  But methyl iodide isn’t much better – it has the potential to be extremely hazardous, especially to the farm workers


continually exposed to it.  Because we know how important it is to understand the supply chain that brings food to our table, we have to take action against this health and environmental threat. 

The good news is – there are a lot of us who oppose this pesticide and are promoting alternative organic and sustainable practices.  Join the opposition and take action here.

Strawberries are one of those things that are better purchased organically.  Unfortunately, according to Public Radio International (PRI), you might not want to trust the ones sourced from China.  With fake organic produce on the rise, the best way to purchase produce you can trust is still from a sustainable family farm.  Listen to the full segment here.

One of the very best things about summer is going strawberry picking with my young daughter at the organic farm my husband works at.  That sweet, juicy smile is the perfect image of a happy summer.  It’s a special treat, because the strawberry season is so short and we’re on a mission to eat as seasonally as possible.  Check out our CSA Finder and track down some local farms in your area.


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