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What to Do with Wilting Spinach

So sad.  My kitchen has a big basket filled with wilting spinach on the counter, a fridge full of turnips, bok choy, kale, carrots and salad greens… and last night we went out to eat and this morning I’m eating cold pizza for breakfast. 

crossing the finish line

Not the best way to utilize my farm share, but after running my first half marathon yesterday, I’m tired.

Unfortunately, that’s not an excuse to eat poorly.

The last thing I made using our share ingredients was a day or two ago:

Veggie Burrito with Warm Lentils
  • Slow cook French lentils with salt, pepper, garlic
  • Saute arugula, spinach, kale with thin slices of onion
  • Grill burrito with cheddar cheese

To remedy the situation:  Here is what I’m going to make for lunch and bring with me to work:

Mesclun Salad with Carrots and Turnips

Amid other goals to accomplish before 11AM (renewing passport, dishes, picking up our apartment, paying bills, bringing my broken phone to Verizon, bringing my daughter to daycare…), I am going to force myself to enjoy picking through the spinach, washing it, and blanching it to freeze for use later.

Ambitious.  I better get started.


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