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From the Share Box

Hydrating bok choy, purple radishes so spicy your eyes tear up, two types of kale, collards, swiss chard, broccoli, and leaf lettuce.  Clearly, an abundance:  our first crate harvested this season.  Worked by hand, from seed to savor.

photo by elena rego

This marks our second year reaping the benefits of organic, local produce.  As someone who focuses on a plant-based diet, this makes complete sense economically (full disclosure:  I have the great advantage of being partnered with an organic farmer who brings home tasty treats almost daily), and as a cook, this makes complete sense for the palate.

Tender, silky, sweet, buttery… broccoli?  The stalk of broccoli, to be more precise.  As I stood at my kitchen sink, gently caring for and cleaning the still warm veggies brought in that day, I couldn’t resist tasting each treasure.  What stood out the most was the peppery bite of the radish and the flavor and texture of the broccoli.  So good it was that I had to immediately wash an entire head and proceed to eat the entire thing, unadorned, with wet hands in the kitchen, savoring the incredible flavor and journey of that single green vegetable.

I am so excited about what is in store this season.  Good food excites me and revs me up, some people like speed boats – I get the same energy from favas and fiddleheads. 

This year I am ready for the plethora of mama Earth’s nourishment that will arrive weekly.  Last year, I am sorry to say, was a year of waste and sandy refrigerator drawers.  Learning from my past mistakes and general laziness, I have vowed to make this season different:  I am ready.

This box was immediately cleaned, prepped and packaged for use.  I have a plan for my vegetable scrapes [freeze for future stock, compost] and have the ambition (hoping for the motivation) to learn to preserve and pickle.

Dinner from Week 1, Day One:

Sautéed Greens (kale, collard, chard) with onions and garlic over Rustic Cornbread slathered with Spicy Adobo Chili Sauce and a side of Asiago Roasted Corn and Cauliflower.


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