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Use Your Voice: Tell the FDA What You Think About Food Labels

Way to Go FDA – I really hope you come through with some positive changes! 

Tell ‘Em What You Think Here

 The Food and Drug Administration is now having an open public forum for consumers to give their thoughts on the new front-of-package labeling on grocery products.  It would be a big step away from food marketing, which tends to lead people to unhealthy choices making either false or deceiving claims to seduce you into buying their goods. 

There are so many choices and so little time!  Many of us are guilty of falling for a “boosts energy,” “boosts brain function,” “fights cancer,” “reduces risk of heart attack” cereals, bars, snacks, you name it.  I certainly am – I admit to impulse grab-and-go type buying, only to find out that what I purchased is indeed crap.  Worse yet, many people see those claims on the front of the package and then never bother to read the nutrition panel, where the real information is.

I say get rid of food labeling and go for foods without a package.  A whole foods diet, one consisting of unpolished grains, fruits and vegetables; unprocessed meat, poultry, fish, and non-homogenized milk.  At least, try to incorporate more of these real foods and less so-called “heart healthy” ones.

Read More:

Nestle, POM, and Other Firms Cited for Misleading Food Labels



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