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Alfalfa Case

It is a landmark case – the first ever GE case to be heard by the Supreme Court:  Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms, 09-475.  Essentially, Monsanto wants their genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa crops to be planted, despite the USDA’s failure to fully analyze the impact of the crops on the environment and farmers.  Monsanto is basically saying, “screw it!  let’s plant anyway until they tell us it’s dangerous.”  That’s the typical ‘proactive’ stance of big business, do it now and pay for it later – even if it means a complete disruption in the natural ecosystem and disaster for natural farmers. 

In 2006, the Center for Food Safety filed a lawsuit against the USDA, saying that the chance of unwanted cross pollination was too great, as was the risk of GE alfalfa becoming invasive and taking over.  The following year, the lower courts ruled in favor of the CFS.  It was appealed twice and has now made its way all the way up to the Supreme Court. 

We’ll keep you posted as the case unfolds.

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Read the Supreme Court Briefs


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