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Know GMO

Maybe you haven’t heard.  Maybe that’s the point.

The USDA and FDA has drafted a statement for the Codex meeting in May against mandatory labeling of GE/GMO foods, saying it would be “misleading” the consumer into thinking that Genetically Modified crops are “in some way different” from their organic counterpart.  The worry here is that it will become hard – or even illegal – for organic producers to label their goods as GMO-free.  Unfortunately, the decisions will be made on trade goals, rather than on consumer choice and scientific evidence. 

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is tied to organizations like the World Health Organization and run by the United Nations and meets all over the world to discuss global food safety.  On one hand, these uniform standards could be seen as global progress and fair trade.  On the other hand, it could be seen as yet another move closer to Big Ag and away from local food systems. 

So while the FDA cracks down on bogus health claims on front-of-package labeling, stating “accurate food labeling information can assist consumers in making healthy nutritional choices,” and making a “move toward an approach that will help consumers in selecting a healthy diet,” why would they be against GMO labeling?  It’s just more knowledge for the consumer.  Oh right, that’s why. 

If we are living in a capitalist economy, this industry should be mostly free of government intervention and let the people decide where to invest their money.  I vote for industry change with my dollars, and I support non-GMO companies.

Read the protest letter that was signed by over 80 organizations, including Consumers Union (publishers of Consumer Reports), Food and Water Watch,  organic food organizations, farmers and the Union of Concerned Scientists, and many more.

Take action HERE. 

Read More:

Labeling, Trade And Genetically Modified Organisms (Gmos): A Proposed Solution 




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