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Illuminated Honesty: Artists I’m Loving Right Now

I found Jason Alberto Garcia through the community page of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9 – a  5 piece electronic collective of musicians from Santa Cruz CA  ), which describes his “performance paintings [as] … an essential repertoire of symbols and [a] diffused hierarchy of site specific color, [where] he has established a distinctive painting style and a unique ability to capture the moment. Performance painting is the execution of spontaneous exhibition of skill in the application of color to a surface in direct congruence with the sound and energy of the collective experience performed live during an event… He has also contributed immensely to our community by donating his art and profits made from sales of his art. Garcia’s art has raised over 30,000 pounds of food for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and local food banks through The Conscious Alliance Food Drives, [paid] for six teachers salaries in musical programs in Gugarat, India through Ahimsa Benefits, raised awareness and cultural education via The Smithsonian Sikh Gallery and Sikh Heritage Foundation, enriched the lives of inner city youth through mural programs at Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center of San Francisco, raised funding for the research of psychotropic medicine by MAPS, been used for banners in Rainforest Action Network activist demonstrations and contributed towards the building of a music and creative writing school in Johannesburg, South Africa through a Playing For Change Benefit. STS9 is honored to be working with J Garcia. Please check out and support his art today.”

STS9 | Red Rocks | Morrison, Colorado | 2007

Talk about art that makes you feel, here is Mark Beck, a contemporary American realist painter. 

Tangled Woods - Mark Beck

His complex  paintings of sobering images are an emotional snapshot of the American condition.  His paintings speak to me in some deep-belly way I can’t really put my finger on.  He says of his work, ” I try to make beautiful paintings which convey in a subtle way certain glorifications or realities of our life in America.”

Finally, Michael Rubino – a San Francisco artists whose mix of realism and surrealism combines to make some amazing art. 

Gator Girl, Lobster Boy 2009

 I love finding new artists, so please send suggestions! 

Sound Tribe Sector 9


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