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Read the Writing On the Wall

“A baited banker thus desponds,
From his own hand foresees his fall,
They have his soul, who have his bonds;
‘Tis like the writing on the wall.”

~Jonathan Swift
Things to Do in Queens

Is it art when it improves your neighborhoods surroundings, or vandalism because it was done without permission?

There is clearly a difference between an artists need to engage creatively and a vandals need for destruction.  The type of graffiti depicted in the NY Daily News article, Gotham’s Greatest Graffiti, shows the difference.  I don’t know where the line is drawn, but it seems to be somewhere near property owner consent… 

When done well and with skill, graffiti has the ability to transform the gray hardness of the concrete jungle.  The more art in the world the better!  Make it interesting, use your talent and shake the can. 

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