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GMO Corn = Organ Failure: Are you Suprised??

Since President Obama’s announcement that off-shore drilling will begin in the southern Atlantic coastline and the eastern Gulf of Mexico, there has been debate about the political and environmental impacts this decision will have.   However, the not so publicized debate for and against Genetically Modified (GM) foods has been gaining ground amid new research showing a connection between consuming Monsanto’s GM corn and organ failure.  That’s right, organ failure

The organs most adversely affected by the corn are the liver and kidneys, responsible for detoxifying our bodies.  Does this surprise anyone?  Our bodies can’t tolerate this unnatural crap and the inclusion of it into our diets will lead to unknown longterm health issues, most of which we have no idea about because the research isn’t being done.  The research that is being conducted is flawed, like the statistical study complied by Monsanto (conflict of interest, anyone?).  They call it simply a “technical issue” but this news is significant.  Afterall, the corn has already been approved for safe consumption by the US, Europe, and other nations.  Labeled as safe after a short 90 day study, where Monsanto neglected standard testing protocol (for instance, using only rats instead of three mammalian species and failing to test for negative health effects over a longer period of time), these GMOs have already entered our food supply.

How can this not enrage everyone?  As a food activist and mother, I am completely disgusted with the laissez-faire attitude taken by industry giants like Monsanto.  It frightens me to know that once a crop like this is introduced, the chances of cross-pollination are significant.  How long before natural food is a thing of the past and everything we eat is an offset of GM corn and soy?  If that doesn’t scare you and make you angry, keep reading…

Failed Monsanto Harvest in Africa

Organic Seed Alliance

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U.S. organic food industry fears GMO contamination

Consumer Protection: GMO Contamination of Organic Food

Non-GMO Project


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