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A political, ecological, financial, and scientific look at our global food culture.

Denis Van Waerebeke explains his theory on “How to Feed the World” in his short animated video for the Bon appetit exhibition. 

The essential point and identified problems, according to Van Waerebeke, is our food dependency and not distributing resources properly.  The solution?  Producing MORE food with BETTER techniques, increasing the yield on smaller plots of land.  Through crop rotation, focusing on local and complimentary plants, food resources will be more evenly distributed.

How sad is it that about 80% of the under-nourished people in the world are farmers?  They don’t own the land the work, they can’t save food for their family because they need to make money, they don’t have skills/resources for food storage…   The costs get so high in certain places because they compete against cheap, imported food. 

So, “teach a man to fish.”  To ignite sustainable prosperity, things like micro-loans help people help themselves.  No one wants to continually support people who don’t want to empower themselves to do better, so there needs to be a fix that eventually allows for self-sufficiency and independent growth.  To help support local food development and distribution in your own community, support area CSAs/farmer’s markets, or better yet, grow your own food.  Check out our “links” on the righthand side of the page for info on how to plant a home garden and get enough fresh produce for your family.  When my husband and I finally get enough knowledge and experience (and of course, finances) to get a plot of land, the plan is to keep it small, work it smart, and share that learned wisdom with anyone who wants to listen.  This is our way to combat hunger and reconnect people to their food, their fuel, and the joy it can bring to the table.

There is a great American singer-song writer named Kimya Dawson (the Moldy Peaches) who, among other lo-fi homemade albums, recently released a children’s disk titled “Alphabutts.”  This has become a staple in my family, and is actually incredibly touching in many ways, simple lyrics that really resonate with me – particularly Happy Home (Keep On Writing) and Sunbeams and Some Beans.  I encourage you to check the entire song out on


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