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I’m Uncomfortable with the Word “Blog”

Finding All Sorts of Things to Make You Pause...

"The Sock"

To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I am a part of the American/world-community so I do have some sense of what a “blog” is… but unfortunately, my predisposition to impatience has left me utterly incapable and inexplicably excited to just bypass the ‘how-to’ section of blogging and jump straight into the content. As though my words are just blossoming forth, a flower waiting for an expectant audience to view and breathe in – eyes closed now…. ahhhhh…. Ok, so, yes, to be forthright again (all this honesty and in my first blog post!), I have consumed some rather tasty cookies along with [a] refreshing evening vodka tonic[s]. This is important for you to know because there will certainly be typos (which I usually hate) and a sense of verbal flow in the form of run on sentences. I do feel a sort of looseness, however, so here and now, let me say it right off the bat: FORGIVE ME. This blog is intended as a therapeutic endeavor to help sort out the next step of my life. This year I turn 26. I was literally (figuratively) stuck down by a lightening bolt this winter with a complete awareness of my calling. I have an actual calling – it’s true, they do exist! And mine is a small and simple dream: To have a piece of Mama Earth to treat respectfully and fully in order to fill my cup, and my neighbors plate. I want to have land to grow food with my family, to have a restaurant that serves the food I grow, and enough space and resources to educate anyone around me who wants to listen about the amazing benefits of food grown from a seed droppped by your own hand. This is my mission, the simple answer to the question “why am I here?” I know my answer and I’m going forth to make it happen. This is what I will do with my one, wild and precious life.


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